Nickname: Lisi

Country: Austria

Current place of residence: Fliess

DOB: 17.04.1996

Sponsors: Völkl, Marker, Icetools, Rehall, Blue Tomato

Disciplines: Halfpipe & Slopestyle

Accomplishments last season: Overall Europe Cup Winner Slopestyle and Bigair

Which actor do you want to be for one day?
I don´t really know but I think anyone with a lot of action.


Boardstance: skier ;-)

Which Icetools-equipment do you use?
All the travel gear – backpacks, wash kits goggle cases, ski bags


Favourite Instagramer you follow and why?
I don´t care. Just want to now whats going on out there. :-)


Best trip ever: New Zealand and Colorado


Favourite Music you listen to: Depends on my mood but more or less everything


What do you prefer after riding? In spring a ride with my bike, a barbecue or only enjoying the sun and after cold winter days relaxing at the tiled stove.


Riding since: since I was 11


Last word: The road I took! J - The quote was on my first freestyle skis and it motivates me.

Super leicht, gute Passform und total bequem - man merkt den Protektor kaum

"Der Evo Shield ist mein absoluter Lieblingsprotektor, da der Tragekomfort einfach der hammer ist. Der Protektor ist nicht nur leicht und flexibel, sondern er passt sich auch durch die eigene Körperwärme automatisch an die Rückenform an und garantiert so eine optimale Passform. Er ist kaum spürbar bietet

aber dennoch genügend Schutz, wenn es mal hart auf hart kommt.
Für mich die perfekte Wahl!

DISZIPLIN: Freestyle
HEIMATSTADT: Kiefersfelden